Citrix Xenapp Monitoring


I am task with using SolarWinds to manage and monitor our Citriz XenApp farm. Our current configuration is consisted of a Citrix XenApp 6.5 farm including Netscaler and Microsoft Windows 2008 R2. We would like to monitor the entire farm including users sessions, connection time, CPU, RAM, and Network sessions. We want to be able to identify potential problems, get timely alerts, and provide regular reports to the stakeholders.We do have SAM, Virtualization, IPM, NPM and Device Tracker SolarWinds modules. Please provide some insight on documentations we could use to accomplish the following.

  • Lhaj, If you go into SAM Settings, manage templates and type "Citrix" you will find a whole host of templates to monitor your Citrix farm. In addition to doing this, I would suggest creating a group (Settings, Manage Groups) and add the Netscalers, hosts and all templates you assign to them to the group. The only other thing you will have to do is set the status rollup mode (Best, Mixed or Worst scenario) to define whether or not your group is up, down or degraded. Hope this helps!


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  • We have a similar setup to you.

    Citrix XenApp:

    Servers added to NPM for CPU / Memory / disk monitoring

    Servers added to SAM to XenApp monitoring.

    There are 3 main XenApp templates - i suggest you look at them, see which each component does, then create your own - and just add in the stuff you want.

    Ours contains:

    - All Service monitors on the delivery Controller

    - All Session information

    - Machine Monitors - makes sure all of the servers are up and available for Citrix sessions

    - Sesisons lists information on sessions

    - Broker service status

    - Authentication Events - monitors the event log for any issues with authentication

    - Configuration events - monitors the event log for any issues with configuration of the farm

    - Licensing Service Monitor

    Added to this, i have Remote Desktop Licensing Monitoring on our RDS licensing server to check that we have enough CALs.

    Putting this all together you can then create a nice dashboard with your server utilisation for CPU / memory - information on the Citrix services, user sessions - all in one place. I have links to Director on this page too for more information

  • Has anyone come across LEM Connectors for XenApp specifically?  I'd like to start feeding the XenApp events from Application/System Logs into LEM.  Thanks.