Powershell Script Monitor - X86 Vs X64


Im attempting to build a script monitor that uses an old x86 com object, i thought i could specify the but depth of the powershell monitor by specifying the "Platform to run polling job on:" to x86.  When i do this, i still received com errors due to the bit level, i performed the following to confirm that it is indeed running as x64..

$Test = $env:Processor_Architecture

Write-Host 'Statistic:' $Test


Output: ==============================================

Statistic: AMD64

Is there any way to force the powershell script monitor to run under x86, or am i stuck here?


note, ive tried other ways of forcing the script itself to relaunch as x86, but they dont seem to work either.

if ($env:Processor_Architecture -ne "x86")


   &"$env:windir\syswow64\windowspowershell\v1.0\powershell.exe" `

    -noprofile -file $myinvocation.Mycommand.path -executionpolicy bypass