ORA-12514: TNS:listener does not currently know of service requested in connect descriptor

Hello folks.

I am having a few issues with trying to authenticating and monitoring some instances of Oracle.

We run quite a large oracle environment, where the servers (windows 2008/2012 servers) are in a cluster.


Server-A01 and sever-A02, for those that are unsure.  I am trying to monitor the services on the Oracle boxes and getting the following error below.

This error can be seen when the listener has been started, but the database has not been started (yet) or automatic database service registration has not been performed (yet) or it has been disabled. Additionaly, the error can be returned when an incomplete or wrong service name is specified in the TNSNAMES.ora file or in the connector descriptor.

Note that a bad service name or a bad SID name in the tnsnames.ora file may easily lead to ORA-12514, however the fact you got ORA-12514 is a confirmation that at least the client could connect to the listener, because otherwise you'd get ORA-12541. The problem must be then either in the service name or in the associated database process.

The case of ORA-12514 may represent a special situation, where you provided the SERVICE_NAME including a valid domain, however the instance was not configured with the necessary initialization parameters (SERVICE_NAMES and/or DB_DOMAIN), resulting in ORA-12514. Note however that if you try to connect using the SID or you specify the SERVICE_NAME without the domain portion of it, the connection will succeed.

There can be also other situations. If the listener has been bounced or it has been started after the database, there could be a period of up to 60 seconds during which the database service is not known to the listener.

More detail explanations you can find here: http://oraclequirks.blogspot.com/2008/03/ora-12514-tnslistener-does-not.html.

Also you may try to use another 'Destination Point Type' monitor configuration option, for example choose 'SID' instead of 'SERVICE_NAME'.


I read the document that was accompanied with the error message and think it's something to do with the Oracle side and not the solarwinds side, but I am unsure.  I kinda got it, but was a bit unsure with the familiar terms.  Some stuff I do know hasn't happened, name or domain change has not happened, the only think that has happened is that two years ago we changed to a new solarwinds environment.

I change it to SID and get the following error.

ORA-12505: TNS:listener does not currently know of SID given in connect descriptor

For an explanation of this error message, refer to the article on ORA-12514.

The main difference lies in the fact that the client is using a SID instead of a service name, hence the returned error message is slightly different.

I've seen this error frequently when trying to connect to a freshly started db using SQL Developer, prior that the instance registered itself with the listener.

More detail explanations you can find here: http://oraclequirks.blogspot.com/2008/05/ora-12505tnslistener-does-not-currently.html.

Also you may try to use another 'Destination Point Type' monitor configuration option, for example choose 'SID' instead of 'SERVICE_NAME'.


I have spoken to the Oracle DBA and he's stated that simply 'it is nothing to do with him and there's nothing else he can do' which I don't think that's correct.  While I do a search on TLS listeners, anyone every had this problem before.