Monitoring of VMware Tools Status - Can it be done?

Hello everyone! I am hoping this is a relatively simple answer but Im not sure it will be as Ive done some searching and come up empty handed. So, here we go:

We have Windows Service Monitor components monitoring the VMware Tools service on our VMs. If the service goes to any other state than "Running", the service is restarted. That is working fine, however, we are running in to another issue.

When you log in to vSphere, you might see that a server has a VMware Tools status of "toolsNotRunning" or "toolsNotInstalled" on a VM, but when you log in to Windows, you will see that VMware Tools is installed and when you go in to Services, you will see the VMware Tools service listed as "Running". If you try to stop the service, you get an error that reads, "1053 The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion", then you can start the service again, refresh the VM page in the vSphere Web Client, and it will show "Running" as it should.

We definitely have an issue with VMware Tools on these VMs and I am working on trying to get that resolved. In the meantime, however, I am a little concerned that some of our VMs that are protected by Site Recovery Manager may run in to issues in a DR event (knock on wood), so thats why Im coming here for a work around.

Does anyone know if SAM can monitor the actual status of VMware Tools as reported to vSphere, Virtualization Manager, etc? I am basically thinking that anything with a status other than "toolsOK" should try to restart the VMware Tools service. Im just kind of lost on how to get SAM to "see" these statuses.

Thanks in advance!