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Need a monitor/alert on Last reboot time.

I need to create a resource and alerts based on system up time or last reboot. For instance, send an alert if a machine hasn't rebooted for X number of days.

Is there a template for that? I saw there was one for node up time, but that didn't seem to work like I expected, the date it showed for last up time, was the current date/when it polled the last time.

But it did show in the statistical data in the details the number of hours the machine has been up.

What is the query to get that data and how to format it in hours or days?

OR is there a different template built-in or user created?

How does anyone else handle that?

Searching thwack didn't find what I was looking for.

Orion Platform 2015.1.3, IVIM 2.1.1, DPA 10.0.1, NPM 11.5.3, QoE 2.0, IPAM 4.3.1, Storage 5.1.0, SAM 6.2.3

  • You can do this with a custom SWQL alert trigger pretty easily. The field in the Orion.Nodes entity that you want is LastBoot and you just need to know when the time difference in days between then and now is more than you'd like in order for it to trigger.

    They provide the first part of the query, so the rest would be:

    WHERE DAYDIFF(Nodes.LastBoot, GETDATE()) >= 10


    Hope this helps,


    Steven W. Klassen

    Programmer Analyst @ Loop1 Systems

  • Thanks for the reply. What adjustments can you make so that it only checks Windows servers, not every node on the network?

  • That's where things get a little fuzzy. Before virtualization it would have been easy enough to limit on the vendor and look for Windows only, but now you'll have VMware and Windows and possibly others all running Windows operating systems of one kind or another. It might make sense to create a custom property called DeviceType (Text) that you can set to 'Server', 'Router', 'Switch' etc. so that when you're writing an alert like this you can simply say:

    AND Nodes.CustomProperties.DeviceType = 'Server'

    After the WHERE condition you've already created limiting to the nodes that haven't been recently reset. Note that this is using a "linking property" in the Orion.Nodes entity that connects you to the custom properties entity.

    But if you want to take a swing at Windows only using the vendor it would look like this:

    AND Nodes.Vendor = 'Windows'


    Steven W. Klassen

    Programmer Analyst @ Loop1 Systems

  • Thanks, again. I think that will get it done.

  • *It is not quite what you are asking for , but if you want an instant notice you could try this;


       works every time for my boxes -

    Property to monitor : Node

    Use Value : Network Nodes -> Node Details -> Last Boot

         LastBoot 'has Changed'

    You can use an ALL Argument and add machine type, custom property, or community string to narrow down your alerting results.

      ** I would use the last reboot greater than getdate(-X) as a report to show on your dashboard, or NOC - I like informational displays **