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Performance Counter Monitor - Bad Input Pameter - HResult

We are running 'Active Directory 2008 R2 Services and Counters' template on 10+ domain controllers and all report correctly except for one trouble server. The service monitors work correctly but the performance counter monitors are failing with the error: "Bad input parameter. HResult: The specified object is not found on the system."


I've searched around and tried the following fixes:

  • Restarting Remote Registry -
  • Restarting WMI
  • Adding Network Service as COM Services Admin
  • Microsoft Remote Registry Hotfix -
  • Checked license availability for application monitors
  • Rebooted Server
  • Tried to rebuild the performance counters
    • pastedImage_13.png
  • Ran Perfmon from the Solarwinds Server, managed the not working server and selected several counters from above that are not working via the web browser and they monitored correctly
    • pastedImage_1.png

  • I thought it might be a permissions issue but I ran PerfMon from a working DC and managed the not woring DC and it reported correctly. I tried this in reverse and it also worked correctly.

Our setup is:

     Orion Platform 2013.1.0, SAM 5.5.0, IPAM 4.0, NCM 7.2, NPM 10.5, NTA 3.11.0, IVIM 1.6.0, VNQM 4.0.1