VMWare Monitoring


I'd like to see some more VMWare awareness built into the AM, not to mention Orion. Looking at specific guests, host monitoring, etc. 

  • By "VMware awareness", can you be more specific about the types of metrics you're looking forAre you looking for health of ESX server (CPU, memory, disk) or just allocation of resources (memory, CPU, disk) across in VMs?  Also, can you confirm you are talking about VMware ESX Server?


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    You got it Chris. We've noticed some issues with monitoring servers from a basic standpoint - like memory not reporting correctly (below). Allocation and utilization of resources on the host plus guest allocation/utilization would be great. We're a hosted shop (voip, server, services) and we're trying to mold Orion, NTA, AM/APM into something that fits this enviro - we have roughly 200-300 guests operating at any given time with growth to 35+ servers within 2 Q's.