Monitoring ActiveSync Availability

Is anyone monitoring ActiveSync either via APM or IP SLA? We already monitor OWA, but ActiveSync can fail when OWA is still running. Microsoft has the perfect tool at which goes beyond connectivity to test an ActiveSync session with the Options and FolderSync commands, but I can't figure out how to mimic this in Orion. I'm hoping there might be an APM template out there that I haven't found or someone knows how to send those commands via an IP SLA script. Or if anyone can point me in the right direction that we can create it ourselves? iPhones and iPads have become critical devices for executives and IT alike. Thanks for any help.

  • ActiveSync isn't anything magical. It's essentially an HTTP/HTTPS GET. You could use fiddler to dissect the communication of the tests. Even a basic packet capture like WireShark would give you the information you're looking for. From there you could create HTTP component monitors in APM that monitor the appropriate URLs for the correct response. 

    As another way of monitoring you could use Windows Performance Counters to monitor the ActiveSync sessions on the Exchange server. You could create an Advanced Alert should  the Active Sync counters remained at zero for a predetermined period of time to send an alert. Say, if there are no ActiveSync connections for 10min that might be unusual so send an email to have someone investigate. This method requires some level of baselining to be turned properly but it's easier than trying to mimic an ActiveSync client synthetically.