Custom Property fields in Application Alerts

How can i get a custom datafield such as CustomerID into the ALERT message for an Application being monitored.




HOST11 has a Custom Property field of CustomerID which is equal to "ABC Corp" 

if DNS.exe goes down on HOST11

i want the topic of the message to read as follows

ALERT: ABC Corp / Application: DNS.exe on HOST11 has stopped at TIMESTAMP. 

  • Nope. I've been asking, they say that the application alerts only have access to what is listed as application variables. So, you're pretty much limited to ${NodeID}, you can't even get the server name or any custom properties. Tough luck, as they say, because I wanted to do the exact same thing.
  • You can get the server name. I use the following: ${FullName} is ${Status}  In the message it states 'MSSQL on CNU456-P1 is down.' The Application Monitor has some extra variables the others don't (no custom stuff though).

  • Oh, that's true. You can get it via that, just not on it's own line. I was hoping to get the servername as the only entry on a line so i could import it from the email in our helpdesk system automatically.
  • The server name helps me none, as we email alerts to our ticketing system and then a ticket is opened for the specific customer based upon the format within the email that displays the customer name.


    Solarwinds Dev team, please modify your database variables to allow this to somehow happen.  aka a UNIVERSAL CustomerName field that is shared across all tables... and if you go that far, you should create quite a few variables that can be cross-referenced between different tables within the database.

  • We're in a similar boat, but if I add the NodeID from Orion to my service desk application as an attribute of each server, I can correlate on that end and can still populate the ticket with the customer information. It's more book-keeping for me, but I know I can do that much faster than SolarWinds seems to respond to requests like this.