Orphaned EC2 Instances in SAM

I'm starting to build a rather lengthy list of terminated EC2 instances in the Cloud section of SAM that are not removing themselves.  They are showing up as 'Unknown' in the Cloud Infrastructure Setting and tend to remain indefinitely.  The general pattern is if we have a node managed and it autoscales to a new instance.  In lieu, of deleting the node, re-adding and reassigning all of the application monitors, we've elected to point the node record to the new instance's IP address and disable monitoring for the terminated instance.  The new instance eventually links back to the node record, but the terminated instance remains.

There doesn't appear to be a way for me to remove these via the front end.  For now, I've disabled monitoring on them to keep them out of the display, but I'd like to be able to remove these at some point.

I had just recently upgraded to SAM 6.5 hoping I would have a clean way of removing these but no luck.

Outside of manually removing these from the database, is there a mechanism available to remove these orphaned records?