AppInsight for Exchange Broken

I have 4 separate Exchange servers I'm monitoring. All of them are on different domains. 3 of the 4 used to work, and the 4th one I'm trying to get working.

I'm not exactly sure when they broke, but all of them are saying "The WinRM server does not support the WS-Management protocol.

I've restarted the PS app pools, reconfigured WinRM, dis/enabled PS remoting, restarted services, set a local GPO allowing WinRM on all connections, set a host record on the polling engine to point to the IPv4 address. Nothing. Same error.

None of my Exchange servers are being monitored properly.

2 of my Exchange servers are running Exchange 2016 on Windows 2016

1 is Exchange 2013 on Windows 2012R1

1 Exchange 2013 on Windows 2012R2

Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?