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over 3 years ago

http to https redirector

Why can't we configure serv-U to redirect http requests to https?

It would be ideal if one could select this option in the 'http listener' or in the Serv-U gateway configuration options.

  • If implementing this feature, then please make sure it's HSTS compliant emoticons_wink.png

  • FTP file sharing is one thing. HTTP(s) is another.

    Please don't let your limited view on security block the fact that we live in a world that's moving from insecure to secure nature. Since we're not quite there yet then supporting both is a must.

    Also if you have a HA scalabe MFT cluster where all FTP is tunneled through then you would see that some transfers are not needing to be SSL wrapping.

    We have files that are public and not secure and we also have other files that are highly protected and secured where access to them is ALWAYS SSL wrapped.

    Why would we want to manager several FTP servers when we can do it all in one?? My time is to precious to manage 8 servers when I can get away with 4 emoticons_wink.png

  • Has the top voted feature really sat for 3+ years without implementation or word from devs?

  • Why would anyone want this?

    Either you want security or not...

    If you care about legacy FTP, use different domains, that way you maintain control over what is secure and what not. If the clients can chose freely, you should consider everything insecure.

  • Simple webserver can do this, you are right. However I run the FTP Gateway, and ServU already runs a web service.

    Functionality is easy to be performed on the existing server.

    This is a great suggestion and I hope it is implemented in a future release.