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over 1 year ago

Ability for AD users to be members of multiple groups

We would like for our AD (ldap) users to be able to log on and see just the folders that they have permissions to. For example: We may have project1, project2, project3, and project4. With mixed permissions by individual users.

User1: access to project1 and project2

User2: access to poject1, project2, and project3

User3: access to project 2 and project4


If I have 10 folders/projects.  It would require a different AD security group to meet every possible combination of folder/project access. It would be 2 to the 10th power, which is 1024. So I would need 1024 different AD/ldap security groups to just support the 10 folder/projects. There must be a better way to accomplish this.

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