Recommended upgrade process on Linux install

I am currently running old version of Serv-U MFT 15.1.6 on RHEL 6.6 as a virtual host.. Looking for the best path to get to updated RHEL OS 7.9 and Serv-U 15.3.0 

Options I have I guess are:

1) clone existing VM host, do inplace upgrade of RHEL and then upgrade Serv-U.  I have been told and seen  that inplace of a Linux box not the best approach since lots of caveats.

2) fresh VM with target RHEL OS. install old version of Serv-U, install backed up data from old Serv-u host to new one then inplace upgrade Serv-U. This may be interesting in making sure all the SSH keys and certs used are are captured and in place...   Also seems the install location are different for Serv-U versions.

3) clone a prod box which has target OS version and a newer (not target) version of Serv-U. tweak hostname, interfaces and such. Not sure though I taking the old server Serv-U backup files and moving them to clone would work or cause issues.

Anybody has insight on how to approach an upgrade of this type:  requires Linux OS and Serv-u version to be upgraded.

  • This is the main landing page for the Update, however there are other download links available where you can see the incremental Hot Fixes that you may need to install sequentially...

    Serv-U File Server 15.3.2 Release Notes (

    My advice is to both prepare for a long hold time, but to get a SW Support ticket w/request for assistance to ensure that you get your detailed questions answered by a SW Tech familiar with your install; however the link above should be read well by you so you can get the most from your SW tech; please note that you may need to wait to be assigned an SW SU SME.

    Good Luck

  • Hi there,

    Thanks for the feedback. I did have a ticket opened with Support and was disappointed in the lack of assistance and guidance I got.  I was provided the upgrade links, including the one you listed here, and there is nothing I found that identify the different paths and how to approach the upgrade given them. i.e OS v.x and MFT v.x to OS v.y and MFT v.y.  Couldn't locate docs as well on how the Linux OS build should look like and best practice with MFT installed like what packages it depends on or doesn't need. 

    Thinking maybe try support again with a different approach to get a SME who can help.


  • Day & Night difference dealing w/an SME for Serv-U... The tell was when the SW Tech couldn't find things = Ha

  • Ya clued in on that. I did open a new ticket just now requesting for level 3 SME to assist in figuring out an upgrade path.

    Once again thanks.

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