Serv-U 15.3.2 Error Start Service. Error 1068

When installing Serv-U 15.3.2 the Serv-U service does not start. Error 1068. NT Authority/Network Service account failed. I configured it to log on to the Local System account and it worked.

Windows Server 2022 System.

  • Hello together,

    I've done some investigation in this task, because I had the same problem yesterday by updating my Serv-U from 15.3.1 to 15.3.2.

    For Testing, I installed two fresh Server-2019-VM: one in english and on in german. As I assumed, the problem is language-related:

    german Server 2019

    english Server 2019

    Perhaps, this information can help the Serv-U-Developers. Actually, I was not able to start the server with with "german" Netzwerkdienst, but I will test a little bit more ;)

    best regards,


  • My problem occurs in Portuguese.

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