HTTPS broken after upgrade to 15.3.1 (from 15.3.0)

I have Snap and upgrade our FTP server yesterday from 15.3.0 to 15.3.1

now https is no more working.

This site can’t provide a secure connection uses an unsupported protocol.

view certificate is fine and valid.
any idea ?
  • I saw this but only in for one certificate, everything else was fine. We ended up reissuing the certificate from a different provider and it was fine. Not sure what would cause that but maybe 15.3.1 doesnt support some specific certs?

    do you know if a change to OpenSSL in 15.3.1 may be the reason for this error with specific certs?

  • Upgrade of OpenSSL touched security settings of most parts of Serv-U.

    There is high chance, that old certificate - especially signed with low encryption methods may not be accepted anymore.

    Your way to get a new and secure certificate is one of the best options you could do.

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