What are 15.3's actual requirements ?

Hey does anyone actually know the "official" 15.3 requirements are, not the invalid one that got posted online by Solarwinds ?

This is what they got currently on their requirements page - https://documentation.solarwinds.com/en/success_center/servu/content/system_requirements/servu_15-3_system_requirements.htm

Seems like they based it on a old doc since 15.3 wasn't released until Jan 19, 2022

and they are still recommending REHL 7.2 !  REHL 7.2 support ended since November 30th 2017 (https://access.redhat.com/support/policy/updates/errata#Long_Support

I'm looking at upgrading to 15.3 + HF1 and wanted to take advantage of our upgrade project to upgrade the OS from CentOS 7.9  to RHEL 8.5. I know they listed CentOS 8 as a supported OS which is technically RHEL 8.X but to still recommend RHEL 7.2 is odd and a definite security problem.

  • Please open a ticket with Solarwinds to check that and let us know as I think only they will be able to confirm for you.

  • Funny I am currently in the same situation. I did open a case to ask them for updated doc and they do not officially support 7.9. They say 7.2 like there doc. I asked for versions 8 and 9 and once again not supported. Made it sound that the they don't have those RHEL in there roadmap as I would of needed to put forth a feature request.  I can say we have a host running on RHEL 7.9 and no problems that I can tell.