ServU15.3 not reading login banner, also "New client" does not use css

Hello There,

 We were trying to implement HA to our environment running behind a load balancer we noticed though that we won't be able to use it because the file-sharing feature does not support HA. But we intend to keep it running behind the load balancer as as a non-active node so it will be easier for us to patch,
During this exercise we noticed a few bugs on the new version 15.3 that does not seem to be working, and here they are:

bug 1 - Login banner doesn't load on login page:

bug number 2: 

 Then "New Client" - available only on the version 15.3, does not seem to use the template:

As the old client uses the templates:

Anyone else noticed this bugs?

  • I had reported the same finding (no logo/web branding in the new web client) during my initial evaluation and even created a ticket with SolarWinds, sadly 3-4 weeks later I got a call and a response that, the logo "feature" was not in their new product / web client and that I should create a "feature" request in hopes of having it re-added sometime in the future.

    Case # - 00993095 New Web Client Branding

    I have submitted this feature request to our development team as requested as the functionality that you require is currently not in our product. 

    We value your opinion as a customer and without you we wouldn’t have such strong features in our products. The development teams look very closely at each one to determine viability and will decide on the timeline of the release (if they decide to implement the feature). We cannot deliver timeframes or release dates for all feature requests.

    SolarWinds Technical Support

    How this previously "core" and still accessible section suddenly became something that isn't in the product and we now have to try to convince Solarwinds to put it back into their new product is beyond me.

    There is an existing "feature" request open to get Solarwinds to put this back in, please go vote !

  • Good old Solarwinds...  if this is not a feature in this version of the product maybe that should of been mention before upgrading to 15.3 or maybe in 15.3 remove settings for these options to be configured.

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