Bug in Serv-U 15.2.4 - Domain Admin cant create folder/directory for user

I have just been testing the new Serv-U 15.2.4 release prior to upgrading servers and have found a major UI bug.

To replicate..

1. Create a 'Domain Administrator' user within a domain
2. Login as the new Domain Administrator user via the web client http/https
3. Go to 'Users' and create a new user either using 'Add' button or 'Wizard'.
4. Set the home directory/folder by clicking the yellow folder icon
5. Click 'Create Directory' to create a new folder/directory for the user
6. Enter any name and press OK
7. Bug error message displayed as per screenshot attached (says $SU_HTTP_UNAUTHORISZED_STR$ and nothing else) and also does not create folder/directory. Message also cannot be closed.

Have tested in previous version (15.2.3 with HF2) and the bug is not present so this is a new bug for 15.2.4.

  Please could you replicate and fix this issue as cannot update to 15.2.4 until this is fixed as being able to create folders/directories for new users is an essential requirement / part of creating new users.


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