Help me finish this SFTP Server please?

Hello Friends, Sorry if this post is too basic for this forum, but, I need some help finishing up this SFTP Server that I'm trying to put together for my very simple storage needs. I know SFTP > FTP and maybe even FTPS,so I looked into creating one. I know I can go through SSH and create it natively in Windows but a tool from SolarWinds offers a super easy way to stand up a basic SFTP. I'm 90% there for my needs, but one last piece remains. I can only set up 1 root directory for the server. Which is OK, but I want to have the option of having other folders available in this folder from other drives. So for example, Root folder has a folder from Drive 1 and folder from Drive 2, being two separate physical drives to store on, but one logical SFTP. My first instinct was to simply create a shortcut to the second drive and put it in the Drive 1, where the root folder is, but my FTP Sync client is seeing that folder as simply a .lnk (shortcut) file. Can someone please tell me if I can achieve what I need using the SolarWinds SFTP Server tool or another method? Again, excuse the ignorance! Thanks!

  • You just need to create a symlink.

    For example lets say your SFTP root directory is at the default c:\SFTP_Root

    You have 2 additional folders you need to share D:\Test1 and E:\Test2

    run the following commands in an elevated command prompt:

    mklink /D C:\SFTP_Root\Test1 D:\Test1
    mklink /D C:\SFTP_Root\Test2 E:\Test2

    This will create two softlinks in the root directory called Test1 and Test2

    You can also create hardlinks (junctions) using the /J flag instead of /D