Multiple Virtual Host domains not working after applying 15.2.3 HotFix2

Since applying 15.2.3 HotFix2 when navigating to a domain using a virtual host I get routed back to the primary domain with the 443 listener

An example of my setup is: listener on port 443 no listener, virtual host 

When I navigate to the login page and browser tab is Domain1 Serv-U

Other than applying the HotFix nothing else has changed on the host running Serv-U

  • So a quick update, putting the 443 listeners on all domains appears to have allowed all domains to work again. 

    This isn't the way it worked before and I worry that having a 443 per domain listener on the same IP address is bad config.

  • Thanks   I have this exact same issue, created virtual domains and shared the IP and Port and all was fine untill 150.2.3 HF2, and logged a case, Ill give this a go


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