Password security - User expires after 90 days ?!?!

Good morning.

Reading the release notes of Serv-U 15.2.3 ( creeped me out a bit. It states:

"If an account is not used within 90 days of the upgrade, access will be restricted and the user will not be able to log in afterward. The administrator will be required to change their password."

Excuse me? I'm all up for using good security measures but MOST CERTAINLY I do NOT want to reset the password of our customers EVERY TIME they try to login because the last update that we distributed to them was more than 90 days ago ...

How is this adding to account security? People will start to use sequential "Abc.Def"1, .. 2, ..3, ..4 Passwords before long to overcome such a requirement.

Please, anyone, tell me that it's possible to stop this security method from being applied to the account in our Serv-U database ... Anyone?