New User - Assistance Required with Web Client Access

Hi All,

I have installed Serv-U on a test server, created a domain and a testuser.

I installed WINSCP to the same server, just to prove that I could log in via the test account I created.

I tried to get to the Web client again from the same server - and I am presented with a Serv-U login box, however it wont allow me to login as the Test User i created and tested successfully via WINSCP.

I assume I haven't configured something correctly?

Also, for other people to connect to the Web client, I assume they will need accounts and I will need to get our firewall updated.

I am guessing that 43958 is the default port for the GUI? and this will need to setup in a Firewall rule somewhere?

Any guidance would be appreciated as this is a 1st time setup for me