Serv-U Migrating to a Cloud Server Testing

We're migrating Serv-U to a cloud based server and will be testing prior to full migration as not all our resources are migrating on the same day

How do we setup a test to production instance of Serv-U until testing and full migration is completed?

note: some of our vendors supply 30-day demo (full featured) licenses

  • The solution is to contact Serv-U Support to get a temporary license & copy the app source folder
    Steps to Migrate & Test on Win to Win Server
    1. Stop Serv-U
    2. copy from folder to folder \ProgramDate\Rhinosoft\Serv-U, and also any certs, keys, retaining the original paths or prepare to re-link in Serv-U UI to ensure all resources are wired up
    e.g. C:\ProgramData\RhinoSoft\Serv-U\
    3. rename Serv-UID to something else, e.g. Serv-UID.<oldservername>
    4. On the new instance/server start Serv-U and input temporary license
    5. Check & Test 
    Note: If testing will extend beyond the original temporary period request an extension