Serv-U FTP Server and Serv-U MFT Server version 15.2.1 are now available!

We would like to announce the general availability of Serv-U FTP & MFT Server version 15.2.1. This release contains following new features and improvements

  • Improved Management Console user interface
  • Increased password security: existing MD5 passwords converted using more secure algorithm)
  • Chinese and Korean characters support in file transfer
  • Performance and stability improvements
  • Improved Internet Explorer compatibility
  • 3DES algorithm deprecations


  • Serv-U File Server version 15.2.1 is an alternative to version 15.2 and can be applied to any new or existing installation; however it is primarily intended for installations with automated users or FTP users without access to the Serv-U Web Client.
  • This version increases password security and automatically converts existing MD5 passwords using a more secure algorithm when users connect for the first time after upgrade.
  • Unlike Serv-U 15.2, 15.2.1 does not prompt users to change their passwords. Nevertheless, it is recommended to change these converted passwords when possible to further increase security.
  • Serv-U version 15.2 should be applied to installations purely with SFTP users or users who access through the Serv-U Web Client as they can be safely prompted to change their passwords after conversion.

You can view the full set of release notes.

Download Serv-U 15.2.1 now from your customer portal.

Serv-U 15.2 console.PNG

  • I tried upgrading from to this and it completely broke the server. Serv-U support has been useless over these last 3 weeks to get this fixed. On my own I learned that the issue is because I have a Serv-U Gateway connected to the MFT server (exactly as described in the documentation.) When I disable the Gateway it works fine but 2 minutes after I enable the Gateway the Management Console freezes and no one can connect to the server with any of the protocols (FTP, SFTP, FTPS or HTTPS). I have gotten nothing but the run-around from support. The developers will request a webex but then cancel or not show up. We have tried to reach the manager of the support team, Ma. Emflor Joy M. Amurao, but he is dodging our calls and only gives the canned response of, "This case is now being investigated by our Development Team." and " I will also be monitoring this case closely." I have been hearing that for 2 weeks!

    While some of the products are decent, the lack of support from Solarwinds means that you should only by their stuff if you don't care if it breaks for weeks on end. 

  • Update... We finally got the developers engaged and they quickly provided a patch to fix the upgrade issue! It is just frustrating that it took over three weeks to get to that point.