Adding Multiple Directory Access to Users

I am looking for a way to add multiple directory access for a single user. The directories are not sub-directories to each & its a pain to add them 1 at a time. The directories would all have the same permissions.



  • Hi amurray,

    how many directories are we talking about? Do I understand it right you want to add X number of directories, e.g. using a CSV import or some simple form, where you can add many of them simpler than now?

    Thanks, Peter

  • Hi Peter,

    So I would like to had 10+ directories to 6+ users. Each user having access to different directories. I am currently creating a user & adding the dir 1 at a time & it is tedious. The directory structure does not lend itself to giving a user a directory & all child directory access. I was hoping for a way in the GUI, like multiple selection of directories when adding directories.

    I saw a little on the CSV method. If this is my only option, are there any detailed instructions, including a template CSV? I read one KB article that outlined some of the format, but found it not detailed enough for me. If I use this method does it just append to the currently configured user/dir settings or would I have to create a file for everything in our U-Serv system?

    Thanks in advance.