ServU and SQL user database slow return times for login and editing users.

We have 2 load balanced ftp file servers that both connect to the user database located on a clustered sql database server.  We map users to groups for folder access, our groups have the specific folder permission already setup.  My problem is when we add more and more groups to the user, the return time on login (as servu queries the database for access) gets slower and slower.  I have also noticed that the more users\groups in the servu user database, the slower it is to list\edit users.  Is anyone else having this difficulty?

  • Hi Tim,

    I have noticed this even with just standard non-DB users - Serv-U usually shows a baloon warning saying that large user collections wil ltake a while to load.

    We've been benefits with moving large lists of users out of the General user collection so that it doesnt take so long to load the user list initially. But I'm not sure if you can do this with database users - it also wont help with login speed, just display of user lists.

    How many users are you running?

    Might be worth raising a support ticket with Solarwinds.