serv-u strange speed problem with network

It's really very strange.

I use IP address 192.0.0.x  in intranet.  The speed both read and write are very slow.   Write speed just about 5 MB/s while read speed about 10 MB/s in ervery session.  If I use other network IP like,  write speed can arrive more than 40 MB/s.    As I know 192.0.0.x is internet IP address. Is there  any rule limit internet speed automatic?  Or, is it a bug?

I  test both version 6.4 and 15.    All use fresh configure (Just add domain and user)

  • I don't know of any such bug.

    When you say "IP address 192.0.0.x  in intranet", you mean the server is bound to the 192 address?  And when you change the machine to a 10 address everything speeds up?

    The first troubleshooting step would be to test from a client on the server, this should eliminate most network issues.

    You say that you use a 192.0.0.x address.  This is actually an assigned address, not available for NAT.  The class B NAT is 192.168.0.x.  Unless your organization actually has possession of this address block, you will hit routing problems.  That could explain your speed issues.

  • I am sure that it is not a network problem. There are some reason as below:

    1. Other service are all normal like http,SMB.      http > 20MB/s,     SMB >50MB/s.

    2. I also test other FTP server like filezilla server.  It work noramlly.  The speed can arrive 40-50MB/s.

    We really maintain a small network which use 192.0.0.x .

    This strange problem really confused me .

  • There is some logic that does things slightly differently based on IP.  For instance, if gateway is on a NAT'ed IP block, it may refuse certain connection.

    I don't know of any thing that would effect speed based on IP, unless there is an other factor associated with the IP, like routing tables or DNS settings.

    Try this: give it a 192.168.0.X address.  This should hit the same NAT logic that 10.X.X,X address would.  Also test an address that is not related, maybe something like

    If both NATs give you slow speed, and both non-NAT give you fast speed, there might be a setting that it causing the behavior (like reverse lookups).  It could also be a bug.  If there is a mix of fast/slow, there is probably an external factor at work.

  • I agree with @josh.d, it sounds like you traffic may be going on a long trip and you're just seeing more of an effect in Serv-U. On an internet network I would expect to see more than 20MB/s for HTTP on the same subnet.

  • First, you ought to open your browser and you ought to write the information science address,

    If this address leads you to a blank screen, attempt typing:

    If you've got this kind of router, we tend to advocate that you simply talk over with the user manual for

    In step 2, the default user name and positive identification for your router’s interface ar typically ‘user name’ and ‘password’. These addresses ar wont to offer first-time access to the interface during a untroubled and untroubled manner.  192.168.l.254   However, some router makers, like D-Link, don't merely give you this address.