What We're Working On for Serv-U FTP/MFT Server (Updated: October, 2022)

We are currently in the development phase for the next release, we are investigating following areas. As we move forward we will update this post to reflect what we are working on short-term.  If there is anything missing or arguments to move things up, vote on product ideas or post a comment.

  • Multi factor authentication
  • Security enhancements - Server identity
  • High Availability improvements
  • Multi language support for new Serv-U client
  • Performance improvements and enhancements
  • Do you have any plans of adding special characters to the password complexity option?

    AAAAAAAA1 is not a complex password. 

  • Any plans to make it possible to have HA when we use the share feature?
    the Share feature was the main reason we chose the product, but until to day we haven't been able to have it in HA because that is not supported.

    Tt's been more than 5 years.. and that still not supported. Disappointed  

  • Guys, if there are no plans to have this option added, then please say so or at least respond with the estimated time of implementation. We are a few months away from renewing the Serv-U license and if MFA won't be added soon we will have to look for another solution.   

  • I second all the comments about MFA for Serv-U. But at a minimum it would be huge if ServU was SAML compliant. Outside of just LDAP and AD authentication, SAML would be huge. It seems like most websites (including SW products) support SAML for SSO.

  • I need MFA for Serv-U yesterday.  Hopefully this is in the works and an announcement is forthcoming.

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