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Need SEM Connector for Cato Networks Using API

I did not see a connector for CATO Networks within SEM.

I am requesting a connector to built in prior ticket/Case # 01010136, 01074263 where I was told connectors are only built for syslog data via port 514 which was misleading information.

Cato converges SD-WAN, Global Private Backbone, and security into a global, cloud-based SASE platform. All there security and event data is collected centrally within their cloud which is accessible via Cato Cloud API. This does not use Syslog. API calls are needed to pull back event data.

Here is a link to the Cato knowledge base topic on all things Cato API. You’ll have to login with your Cato id to access it.

We can facilitate a call with CATA developers in order to gather any API information needed. i have attached screenshots, API documentation.