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Log Retention & automatic disposal // GDPR

Hi all,

will it be possible in the future to configure the retention of all logs within SEM?

I.E. Logs of this type should only be in the database for 12/24 Months, others for 10 years etc. This is a very common option in many tools and systems which work with logs and should also be made available in SEM in our opinion.

Due to the strict GDPR rules, customers must 100% be sure that data is not kept longer than a specific time period.

The option to limit the size of the partitions in order for SEM to remove logs itself is useless, as it is not possible to ensure that data is kept the minimum time.

Also, it is simply a waste of time to configure this, as the customer might add 2 more servers and then the whole calculation made before is useless.

This is also regarding Case 00586774 and 00522367.

Thank you & kind regards,