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over 1 year ago

LEM - Multi-tenant support

I would like to see LEM start to incorporate more multi-tenant capabilities.  In the next year we are likely going to start looking at a replacement SIEM for LEM due to the lack of being able to use it to support multiple clients.  I really love LEM and would prefer to just see it evolve a bit to fit our needs better versus going through the process of ripping out out and completely replacing it.

True multi-tenant support would obviously be my preference; however, below is a list of options that would work or at least help:

  • Client logins where they are locked down to only see data from specified nodes
    • This would allow me to provide a login so my clients could view data on just their nodes
  • Being able flag custom properties on nodes and then run & email out reports for nodes based on those custom properties
    • This would allow me to flag nodes as being specific to a client and send them reports on only those nodes
  • Being able to easily email out reports on only specified nodes
    • This would allow me to send out emails to clients for data on just their nodes

I am also open to other options but ultimately I needs LEM to allow me to support multiple clients from a single appliance; without this we are going to need a new solution.