Is there any way in SEM to keep tabs on non-Agent devices w/ rules, filters, alerts -etc, in ANY capacity? (things like printers, switches, etc)

Our current network has some  200 - 300 devices on it, about 80 of them are Windows machines & as such are configured that way in the nodes page, but there are also a handful of non-agent devices; PoE switches, firewalls, printers, scanners -- all spread out over 4 different physical locations. All the windows machines have the SEM agent installed obviously, however we are unsure if SEM's implementation of  non-agent devices & non-agent device monitoring has the capability of monitoring even in some type of rudimentary fashion the non-agent devices. Beyond that, we are hoping that in it's current version, our installation of SEM version 2022.2 is NOT limited to such an extent that SEM would be unable to detect if say a printer went offline for any reason, ditto with a switch or something of that nature. 

Has anyone set anything like this up before within SEM, and if so, would you mind sharing a screenshot or even partial instructions on how to go about it please?

What we're looking to do is have an alert generated & an email sent should a device for any reason or some reason end up getting disconnected from our network. Is this a possibility with SEM?

I have a hunch that this is technically doable, through a combination of user-defined groups (like a group named Printers - with say, 20 printer names & ip addresses populating rows within the values of the group) and possibly or perhaps potentially incident alerts with rules or something of that sort?

  • , so at a high-level SEM can receive syslog/traps from those devices as long as the device is configured to send to SEM and there's an appropriate connector for it. Switches i know will have one but idk about some of those peripherals. Within SEM it'll show a last received communication timestamp. BUT i want to highlight that this would not be an accurate measure of availability of the device, because SEM is not a monitoring platform it just doesnt have that capability, it solely relies on date sent to it, for monitoring you'd want something to reach out and attempt some sort of communication like ping or something; for that you'd need to have at the least NPM. So while using SEM you might be able to glean some sort of availability, i wouldn't rely on it.

  • For Not agent devices there are several options.

    1. User defined groups this is static and need to update when adding\removeing\replacing devices work quite well

    2. You can filter by tool alias for the connector it comes in on which is more dynamic and if you have serveral of the same device there are already groups by a connector. 

    These are the two I would recommend in order to develop rules for.