IIS Logs Help

I've been trying to figure out an issue with the IIS Logging agent. I want to have my logs in local time, so I select IIS Format mode instead of W3C in IIS Logging config. Solarwinds doesn't have a agent for that, they allow have an agent for W3C, so I select the Advanced Logging agent which will let you select the log prefix. I set all the agent options, and the logs do appear, but they all start with the following in the description of the log:

Corrupt or manually edited file. Skipping this line: ...

The logs are also getting sent to InternalWarning. Here is some other info:

ProviderSID:FastCenter normal error

ToolAlias:FAST:Microsoft IIS WSC Advanced Logging

Is the use of IIS logs option to viable with Solarwinds, or am I doing something wrong? I would love to have my IIS logs in the correct time zone, as it makes reporting and rules/filters so much easier. I know the Advanced Logged method is now integrated in IIS, but I didn't see another SEM Agent that would allow a different prefex.