Multiple Seperate Networks to Be Monitored by a SEM

Is it possible to have multiple firewalls across separate isolated networks all send log data to an Agent installed on a Virtual Windows Server which has been configured to connect to each of the separated networks via multiple nics?

I.e. the following:

I would like to be able to have  Cisco Firewall 1 on Network 1 send its data to an Agent on "VM Windows Server" , Cisco Firewall 2 on Network 2 send its log data to an agent on "VM Windows Server" and , Generic Firewall 3 on Network 3 send its data to to an Agent on "VM Windows Server", etc.

Then from the "VM Windows Server" be able to send this data to the VMware SEM Appliance, which can only have 1 nic.

  • You can use the VM windows server to be a Syslog forwarder to SEM I have done this with FortiGate firewalls considering to are not changing the Syslog formats the SEM connector has no issues with parse the data. 

    You can do this via windows netsh portproxy command for the simplest method that built into windows.