Security Event Manager (SEM) 2020.4 Is Now Generally Available

We are excited to announce Security Event Manager (SEM) 2020.4 is now available in your customer portal and you can download and upgrade your production servers, while retaining your complete configuration and history.

What's New

This release continued the focus on moving functionality from to old flash GUI to HTML5.

Improved Navigation

We’ve simplified the menu bar so you can access Live Events and Historical Events directly. 


Saved and Scheduled Searches

When you build a search query in Historical Events, you can now save them and then reload them in the future.  These searches are not shareable, but if you need to share the search results with others, you can schedule the results to be emailed out to other users (csv format). 

Once you've created a search query, you can save it by clicking the icon next to Search and selecting Save query as new:


From the same menu, you can browse and load previous saved search queries, and we've included some OOTB queries as well. 


And you can schedule the queries as well 


LDAP Settings

Configure LDAP connections in a dedicate page - you no longer need to use an active connector.  When sending alerts or scheduled searches, you can use LDAP users along with SEM users.

To configure your LDAP server, go to your setting icon in the upper right, and then choose LDAP Configuration. 


Click Create configuration, and you'll start the LDAP wizard.  In the first step, enter your connectivity and credentials, and choose your encryption and if you want to use LDAP for authentication.   In the second step, what's really cool is you can map SEM roles to your groups in LDAP:


And in the third step, you can save and setup LDAP connectivity.  After its configured, you'll be able to select  LDAP wherever you're selecting users, like in scheduled searches or setting up alerts from rules. 

Directory Service Groups

You can now import your directory server groups from your LDAP servers and use them in rules and filters to match specific users or computers.   See the details in the SEM 2020.4 New Features document. 

New Connector for Microsoft CASB Service

We've added a connector for the Microsoft Cloud App Security CASB service, read how to send these events to SEM.  

To see all the features of this release in detail, check our the SEM 2020.4 New Features document. 

How to Upgrade

Check out the release notes for details on the new features and fixed bugs before you upgrade.  You can download SEM 2020.4 from your Customer Portal  Note: You must upgrade to 2020.2 or 2020.2.1 before upgrading to 2020.4.

What's Next!

With this release, we have completed migration of major features to the HTML5 interface and will be pivoting to new features in the future.   

If you don't see the features you've been waiting for, check out the What We're Working on for SEM post for a list of features our dedicated team of event nerds and code jockeys are already researching. If you don't see everything you've been wishing for, add it to the Server Event Manager (SEM) Feature Requests.

The SEM Team

  • Bye Bye SEM Flash GUI, you will be sadly missed (NOT!) I am being disparaging to what was a visually appealing and nicely interactive (in some areas) UI, but the frustrations outweighed these niceties. 

    Thanks for the hard work to convert to a fresh UI.

    I have just made an update to a previous feature request by  for a centralised library of saved searches, as this is a really critical feature for me and the feedback I get from our customers. Share Filters & Searches 

  •  - happy you are enjoying the new GUI, and we are happy to move on to improving current features and adding new ones going forward. 

    Sharing filter, searches and other content in SEM is something we are considering for the future, but nothing we are working on yet.   Keep voting for the features you are interested in, it help prioritize features.   Cheers!

  • Woohoo! Our team has been using the new features/look. Oh flash is now but a memory

    Thanks for the hard work! Looking forward to the new feature(s).