Need a SolarWinds LEM 6.3/6.3.1 uninstaller that may be scripted

I have been tryinng to get servers upgraded to 6.7.1 from 6.3 and have had some issues doing so.  It appears that there is no way to remotely uninstall a 6.3 or 6.3.1 agent.  I was trying to using the 6.4.1 agent remote installer to upgrade the 6.3 clients but that has not been working.  I have been remoting into the machines and upgrading them manually for now.

Has anyone run into this issue?  How were you able to remove SolarWinds Agent 6.3?

SolarWinds customer support told us we could simply delete the c:\windows\syswow64\contegoSPOP folder but that was not the case.  Even if we delete the existing services running from this location and delete the folder then run the SolarWinds 6.7.1 installer it fails to install.  This appears to be related to the Solarwinds LEM 6.3 still being listed in Add/Remove programs after deleting the folder.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.