LEM doesnt find my node (cisco router) i can send syslog messages to my PC using Kiwi just fine, what am i doing wrong?

I want to configure my router to send ccsip messages and ccapi inout messages to log and event view but the server doesn't find the router sending the events....is this sort of logging not supported, should I use Kiwi syslog for this?



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    It might be that there aren't enough messages yet for the scan for new nodes to pick it up. You can always configure a connector manually from Manage > Appliances > Gear on the left > Connectors. There's a Cisco IOS connector there that you can add manually (Gear > New), the logging paths match up with the local facility (e.g. local2 = /var/log/local2.log, local7 = /var/log/local7.log).