Nodes have the agent installed, but no nodes are showing.

I have a trial version of SEM installed as a test, the windows installer instals ok, the server is configured and can ping ip addresses, but the nodes aren't showing on the GUI.

I've left it around 45 minutes for the nodes to communicate with the server, but they're not there.  do I have to do anything else?  Such as a reboot or anything?

  • I'd guess a ports/firewall issue, they check in and show up on the web console immediately once the install completes.  This KB discusses troubleshooting the agents

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  • I have had this issue before, and what I had to do was log onto the node directly, and run the SolarWinds clear certs script. It essentially stops the services, deletes all the files in the spop directory, and restarts the services. Once you restart the services, the nodes pop into the SEM again. Here is an excerpt of the .bat file/script that shows all the files to be deleted, and their locations (pasted as plain text):

    del \\%1\c$\windows\sysWOW64\contegospop\spop\communications.xml

    del \\%1\c$\windows\sysWOW64\contegospop\spop\alertdb.xml

    del \\%1\c$\windows\sysWOW64\contegospop\spop\database_cfg.xml

    del \\%1\c$\windows\sysWOW64\contegospop\spop\datadictionary.xml

    del \\%1\c$\windows\sysWOW64\contegospop\spop\hierarchy.trigeo

    del \\%1\c$\windows\sysWOW64\contegospop\spop\peer.trigeo

    del \\%1\c$\windows\sysWOW64\contegospop\spop\private.trigeo

    del \\%1\c$\windows\sysWOW64\contegospop\spop\StartupRules.xml

    You can run this from any machine that will have access to all the machines that you need to have in the SEM, and the account you run the .bat file will need admin rights. You can create a ticket and request the clear certs script - SW should be able to help you with it...if not let me know if I can help emoticons_happy.png



  • I fixed this, it ended up being an issue on the firewall.  Allowed traffic and it worked like a charm.