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2 Servers on Single Subnet Detected as Multiple Subnet during Pool Setup


We have two servers on a /24 subnet, x.x.x.11 the primary and x.x.x.12 installed as a scalability engine.

When trying to set up a HA pool, it's asking me for a Virtual Host Name and DNS Settings, rather than a VIP. I believe this is the setup when SW detects a multiple subnet setup, is that right?

Any ideas why it may be detecting this? Both servers are sat in Azure. 

  • Orion HA can function in one of two different modes. Same subnet, or multi-subnet failover. In the case of a same subnet failover, a virtual IP address (VIP) is used. Neither Azure, nor AWS support the use of an IP address that floats between different hosts. Therefore a VIP cannot be used. Instead, Orion HA must be deployed in a multi-subnet failover configuration when running in the cloud.

  • Thanks for the reply. We ended up opening a call with Solarwinds and mentioned it was in Azure, but they said nothing about the above. They said we were being shown the multi-subnet screen because we were using DHCP reservations. Once we made them static, we got the single subnet screen instead.

    However, the failover works in single subnet mode as far as making the secondary server active, but the VIP is only ever accessible in the browser from the active server at any one time. If server 1 is active, you can only access the SW console via the VIP from server 1, not from server 2 (and vice-versa). Is this the Azure-issue you mention?

    Is there anything official published online about this? I haven't found anything

    EDIT: Typically, I found it 2 mins after I posted: