Additional Web Server issue after Main Server Failover

Hi all,

I am new to using SolarWinds HA.  I have noticed an issue on my additional web server after i force a failover of my Main Server.  Certain portions of the SolarWinds site, like trying to edit the node, fail to load and generate an error message about an endpoint not being available.  Within that error message is the primary server name that I just failed over from.  When this happens, to get the entire SolarWinds site to work properly, I have to restart the SolarWinds services on the additional web server to get have it reconnect to the secondary Main Server.  Is this normal behavior?

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  • I have had the same issue but with NCM. It normally shakes out after the 10 min timer for the HA to fully be done but I have found that it is mostly in the internet browser cache. I found that if after 10 minutes the problem is not gone just simply closing the browser (yes, all tabs) and reopening will show everything normally. Before the latest updates I did have to bump the webserver sometimes but that seems to have gone away since the latest HF.