Is it possible to bind HA vIP with HA hostname?

Hi. We use both - virtual IP and virtual hostname for our HA pool.

Because of our DNS environment, switching due failover could take 10-15 minutes (untill Orion web becomes availabile by virtual hostname).
Possible solution for us is to add a static record to our BINDs to bind HA virtual hostname (sws) with HA virtual IP (
So "sws" will always resolve to

Is it possible? Any concerns?

  • This is the standard configuration I see for clients with HA in the same subnet. SolarWinds is configured to only use a VIP, and you have a static DNS record "sws" or "solarwinds" or whatever you want pointing to the VIP.

    Your users use the hostname and the VIP is automatically passed to the active HA server.

    The virtual hostname is required if you have your SolarWinds servers in different subnets.