Adding new APE getting the following error "Communication process failed for the primary Orion server Sequence contains more than one matching element"

We had to upgrade, build a new DB HA Group and reconstitute SolrWinds.  I ran into no major issues in my other environment. However, at one site, while starting to add an APE, I received the error above.

In fairness, I am waiting for 1/2 of  the product licenses to be deactivated by SolarWinds via case.  The Engines table show the correct new Orion platform server.  The Engine servers also show two of the original APE's which may or may not come back on line.  Those versions obviously have not been upgraded.  I have absolutely no idea what this error is telling me.  I have been looking through various logs on the Orion Platform server, but nothing is jumping at me.

I did open a support case, but have not had any response as of yet.  Any help would be appreciated.