Migrating from Physical to Virtual Environment

Hi All,

We currently have a Physical Orion Server setup with HA and we wish to port this solution over to a Virtual Environment on VMware hopefully using P2V keeping the Server Names / IP Addresses the same.

Is there any working documentation that shows what the proper process to follow is?

Currently our thinking is as follows.

1. Fail our Primary NPM / APE / SQL databses over to our HA Servers.

2. De license the products on our Primary NPM / APE servers.

3. P2V these physical servers to our VM environment.

4. Re license the products on our Primary NPM / APE servers now running on VM's.

5. Fail the HA servers back to the Primary Servers now running on VM's.

6. De license the product on our HA servers.

7. P2V the HA physical servers to our HA environment.

8. Re license the products on our HA servers

Does this sound like a valid solution using the HA solution to minimise system downtime?

Is there a better way to do it, or is there a proper way to do it?

Has anyone else done this before and what issues did you encounter?

Someone mentioned casually that you can't P2V Orion as there is some server specific certificate preventing this, is that true?

Any help would be appreciated.

 can you assist perhaps?