Orion Application Setup Migration

I have Solarwinds environment with NPM,NCM,NTA,SAM,IPAM,VMAN and DPA on our onprem Orion server (Windows 2012) and Database is onprem as well. I am planning to migrate the whole Orion setup to our cloud environment with less downtime with new server IP address. I am trying to get few suggestions on the migration plan.

  • I am checking the HA setup option to migrate the Orion server to cloud? I have my primary Orion server as Windows 2012, can I setup secondary HA server a Windows 2016 server ?
  • What will be the migration order ? Should I migrate the database to cloud first and setup Orion HA server or should I do vice-versa ?
  • As the new server will be in different IP address range, Can I still setup HA secondary server ?
  • Are there any other best practices for Orion setup migration to cloud with less downtime ?


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