Azure Deployment Suggestions?

I'm working on streamlining our Solarwinds deployment and looking for a bit of advice or thoughts from the community on the route we're considering. Currently, we have a separate deployment for each of our 3 isolated locations on on-prem servers, but we're finding that it just isn't as efficient as we'd like. I'm looking into standing up a single deployment in Azure. I'd like to do a full cloud deployment, but am hesitant because of the cost of the Azure server/sql resources. I'd love to hear your thoughts, tips, suggestions or what you're doing in your deployments.

  • If you wants to monitor the cloud environments (Azure) you'll have Three options

    1. Full cloud deployment (Orion server+SQL). (Cost wise this is a more costly solution)

    2.Deploy an APE into the cloud and monitor the Azure platform.( Again you'll have to have a server in cloud)

    3.Enable the cloud monitoring on one of your standalone on-prem deployment. (This will call upon Azure API to monitor the cloud) ( Most cost effective method) 

    Best way is to spun a VM with minimum requirements and check for couple of days before going into the production level deployment.

  • I agree with  and would add the following options. While you are considering a full cloud deployment, are you able to look at a hybrid solution. Are you able to place the primary poller with azure sql or sql vm in azure, and running additional pollers in the three locations? I am assuming that you have scalability servers - APE, ORC, or ROPs.