over 1 year ago

SSL Cert warning before expiration date

Currently, Pingdom only notifies you when SSL cert already expired. Well, that's not something I'd like to get notified. I'd like to be able to set custom date for SSL cert expiration alert and be warned n number of days before it actually expires.

  • Hi !

    We recently launch proactive SSL monitoring inside our uptime checks. It is available for any uptime check that is monitoring an HTTPS URL. You can add it to an existing check or you can create a separate check just to monitor the certificate (this is recommended as the status of the check will show as failed once your date threshold has been met).

    From an HTTPS check you can go to the “Optional” tab, below “Request headers” there is a check box (may be enabled if creating a new check but, will need to check it if you are adding to an existing check), below the check box you can set the expiry date.


    Please note this option will not appear unless the URL/IP is set to https:


    The alerting capabilities will be the same as any other uptime check. Hope this helps!


  • Hello rinat.kirimov​, thank you for sharing your feedback. We are actually designing this solution for quickest deployment possible as this is a common feature request and something we've been trying to get done and deployed. Quick question for you: would it be acceptable for you to have a preset number of days to be alerted (60,30,15,5,1 kind of thing) or would you require to add the days yourself? I'm thinking of MVP here. Thanks so much!

    - Matt Pitcher, Head of Product, Pingdom