Group Outage Report to meet SLA

Support told me there was no way to show outage based on the group North America instead of just one location? Having routing issues from one location shouldn't indicate downtime or outages for the site that I am monitoring and getting reports on.  I use the uptime to show site SLA for my customers.

Maybe an additional SLA metric on the report that shows percentage the site was up from any probe monitor.  So there can be multiple outages from different probes, but if there are other probes that are successful, then the site should be considered up.

Also not sure if this can be done, but would like to request an option to fine tune the North America probe.  I don't need all those probes.  Maybe 3 at most.  Let me pick San Francisco, Chicago, and Atlanta to start.  Less chance of a probe having an issue and creating an outage on my report.  Most of the outages are beyond my control and I can't resolve it anyway.  Last week Dallas was having issues probably due to the weather.  Caused my site to show 18 outages and uptime to go down to 99.82%.  My site was up 100% everywhere else.  Can't provide that with the monthly email report.