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Server-Side Monitoring Integrated With Pingdom - Learn More

Starting today, the SolarWinds® Pingdom® you know is available in the APM Integrated Experience.

What does this mean for you?

Comprehensive observability. Add metrics, traces, and logs to your user experience monitoring for full-stack visibility in a single pane of glass. Enhance your troubleshooting with the following new capabilities:

  • Application Monitoring: Visualize and troubleshoot application bottlenecks.
  • Infrastructure Monitoring: Get instant visibility into on-premises and cloud infrastructures
  • Log Management and Analytics: Know what matters with logs from dozens of sources.

How you can access the APM Integrated Experience

You’re one step away from accessing this integrated solution. While in the product, click the product-switcher icon on the top right navigation bar and switch on “APM Integrated Experience.” That’s it. You’re now ready to add log event data and metrics and traces to your end-user experience monitoring to achieve maximum observability.

  • Monitor Applications Running in DigitalOcean Droplets 
  • We’re happy to announce SolarWinds is partnering with DigitalOcean, a cloud infrastructure provider offering cloud services to help deploy modern apps, to offer application level monitoring to applications running in droplets with SolarWindsRegistered application performance management (APM) solutions. 

    DigitalOcean offers built-in monitoring capabilities to track infrastructure metrics like CPU usage, disk usage, disk I/O, bandwidth, and memory at no additional charge. But monitoring the DigitalOcean infrastructure only tells half the story; you also need to monitor the applications running on top of the infrastructure. The addition of SolarWinds APM solutions to the monitoring provided by DigitalOcean extends your visibility up to applications and services. 

    With SolarWinds APM solutions, DigitalOcean users can create application-level metrics, trace transactions, monitor the performance of individual processes, and drill down to poor performing lines of code. 

    This new combination enables you to monitor, measure, and improve the performance of both your applications, and the infrastructure. With true, end-to-end visibility across applications running in DigitalOcean, you can detect problems early, avoid outages, and improve the overall customer experience. 

    Learn More 

    To learn more about DigitalOcean and our partnership check out the SolarWinds partner page on DigitalOcean. If you already use DigitalOcean, try out the SolarWinds APM solutions, PapertrailTmLogglyRegisteredAppOpticsTm, and PingdomRegistered and let us know what you think. 


  • Introducing added functionality to the Pingdom API

    With our latest update to the Pingdom API, you can now easily export transaction check data into existing systems, into data warehouses for use in enterprise reports, or as a data feed to automation systems like Chatbots. Learn how to export TMS data.

  • Steps are limitless with the Web Transaction Recorder

    We've heard your request for an increase to the 25 step limit on transaction checks. We’re excited to let you know that there is no step limit when creating transaction checks with the web recorder. The web recorder conveniently captures how a user interacts with a web application - without the need for scripting. It saves you time and effort by recording the transaction steps and translating those actions into a script automatically.

  • SAML 2.0 Integration Now Available

    The Pingdom team is excited to announce now supports SAML v2.0, making it even easier for you to access your SolarWinds APM products. With SAML enabled, you can log in to your Active Directory domain or intranet and have immediate access to the SolarWinds APM products, with no additional login required.   

  • We’ve made it easier to create transaction checks with the web transaction recorder. It conveniently captures how a user interacts with a web application - without the need for scripting. It saves customers time and effort by recording the transaction steps and translating those actions into a script automatically, so they don’t have to tediously document each step. This new feature comes at no additional cost to the user, and both trial users and customers will have access to it. Learn more
  • Pingdom has passed an independent SOC 2 Type 1 audit. This audit involves investigating criteria such as availability, confidentiality, processing integrity, privacy, and security of customer data. For more information on how we’ve implemented security standards to protect customer data now and into the future please visit:
  • Get your clone on! You can now clone uptime and transaction checks. Save time and effort by duplicating existing checks and editing the check to fit your monitoring need.
  • Pingdom does Proactive SSL monitoring. You’ll be able to set up alerts to let you know in advance if your SSL certificates are about to expire. Read More
  • We released support in Public API 3.1 for managing TMS checks (CRUD). To simplify larger deployments of transaction monitors, you can now automate the process of creating, deleting, or updating TMS checks. You can also mass-produce and tag transaction checks at scale through the API.  Read More