• Web Performance of the World’s Top 50 Blogs

    Am I the only one who thinks blogs were in their prime in the mid-2010s, before the internet began consuming content at wicked fast rates (thanks, Instagram and TikTok)? When someone says the word blog, I think of the chokehold…
    • 20 Oct 2021
  • Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp Down for Over Five Hours

    Did you unconsciously open Instagram, Facebook, or WhatsApp several times throughout the day on Monday, only to get a “Couldn’t refresh feed” message? Did you try again every 20 or so minutes? Did you maybe even restart your…
    • 5 Oct 2021
  • The Pingdom Guide to the Internet

    We may be biased, but we think we’ve had some great blogs that are informational, impartial, and (hopefully) not boring to read about all things related to what’s happening on the internet. Looking back at our blog&md…
    • 31 Aug 2021
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